Monday, April 29, 2013

And Life Keeps Moving

We say it all the time like it's some surprise that time keeps marching on but seriously, time has flown

Since my last post in March, M and I have take trips to the cabin, hiking trips, visited family out of town, celebrated a family wedding, got news of a pregnancy in the family, and a slew of other life events. There has been a lot of laughter, a lot of tears, and a lot of donuts and hugs (come to think of it, I want a donut right now!). 

Lately, we've been enjoying some gorgeous weather around here. I have always considered myself a die-hard fan of fall weather, but I feel ready for warmer weather. I really hope I'm not eating my words later when it's 90+ degrees outside and we're melting in our A/C-less apartment! The plus side to warm weather is our proximity to the beach. We pretty much always have a breeze, and it's a short drive to the beach, if we really need to cool down. 

CRAZY to hear myself say I'm happy we're close to the beach! I'm still a mountain-lover through and through, but what can I say? This is where we are right now, this is where we know God has us at the moment, so I'm going to be content in my situation. M and I still have dreams of owning property in the mountains somewhere, but life is too short to be unhappy about a situation that really isn't that bad. Sure, the traffic is awful near us, and it's pretty much always crowded wherever you go around here, but M gets home from work in about 10 minutes, and we're learning to make-do. I've also met some great girls I've been getting together with about once a week and we're all within about 2-3 miles of each other.

I've got some great makeup posts lined up for you that I've been planning for a while now, so I'm excited to finally get them up soon! Let me know if there are any posts or questions you want to see or have answered! 

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