Getting to Know Me

Thank you for stopping by!

I'm Rhiannon, and this is where I share some of my photography and a little bit about my life.

I love Jesus and crave a real and intimate relationship with him.

I married Michael in August of 2011, at the family cabin in southern Utah. Life has just gotten better and better since then!

I enjoy meeting new people and listening to them tell their stories. I'm a talker though, so I try really hard to balance the two out. ;)

I love shopping at thrift stores, traveling, fishing, flowers, nature, the desert, a comfortable pair of jeans, a warm breeze, good hair days, a cute dress, and cowboy boots.

I enjoy capturing amazing moments and beautiful scenes through my photography. Visit me here, to talk to me about booking your next session!

Michael and I currently live in Southern California with our cat, Molly. But we are definitely ready for some wide open spaces, and maybe a horse or two. ;)

Welcome to our adventure!

*second photo by Melanie Shelton

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