Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Night I Almost Barfed In Baggage Claim

Yup. I almost threw up in the middle of baggage claim last night. Michael and I just returned from visiting my family in Texas (which I will post about very soon). I was feeling so nauseous when we got off the plane I didn't even want to open my mouth, for fear the contents of my stomach would burst out. I wasn't sure if I actually needed to throw up or my stomach just felt funny. As Michael and I walked towards the baggage claim area, I kept scanning the terminal for the nearest trash can. I kept picturing myself barfing into one of them and people staring and pointing and small children being frightened. I REALLY didn't want to be sick in the airport.

While Michael waited for our bag to come down the chute, I found a nearby bathroom and locked myself in the stall to see if I actually was going to be sick. I stood in the stall and just stared at the toilet hoping the sight of a dirty toilet would make me sick. The toilet was spotless, of course. It looked cleaner than my kitchen counter (which I obsessively wipe down). I actually wanted to throw up since I figured it'd make me feel better to get whatever was making me sick, out of my body.

I stared at the toilet a while longer trying to imagine it a disgusting petrie dish, full of all the worst kinds of bacteria. Nothing. Nada. Eventually, I went out to join Michael again and wait for our bag. Ugh, I felt awful!!! There were a TON of people near us and I couldn't find a trash can away from where everyone was gathered.

On top of my upset stomach, my body ACHED. On our flight out to Texas, I wasn't chilly in the plane, at all. Granted, we were flying in the middle of the day, but I didn't get cold once. On our way home, I was wearing the same pants and light jacket I had worn on our flight out. Let me tell you, I think it was probably 40 degrees in our plane from Colorado to California. I was shivering the ENTIRE time. I walked off that plane a shivering, nauseous, exhausted mess.

Eventually, we were in the car (with the heater blasting) driving the 30+ miles to get home. I tried thinking of puppies, candy, my favorite movies, anything but what might be about to burst out of my belly. Suddenly I was yelling "GET OFF THE FREEWAY, I'M GONNA HURL!" Michael got off as quickly as possible and thanks to his car door locks (who would but a Rubik's cube as a car door lock?? I'm exaggerating but that's what it felt like), I almost barfed all over myself. Luckily, I managed to get the door open and threw up in a gutter with cars zipping by behind me. Gross. I despise throwing up. I literally feel like I'm going to die when I have to throw up.

 Sighhh... What a night.

With that being said, I definitely will be sharing our trip out to Texas and all the photos I took with ya'll. I will just be spending today resting a bit and recovering (did I mention we had turbulence the entire flight??).

Thanks for stopping by!!

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