Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Great Moving Adventure of 2012

And so begins the great moving adventure of 2012...

We went out and purchased some packing supplies yesterday, and began packing. Ugh. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude through it all, but I mostly just feel like throwing everything away and starting fresh. I know I'm just saying that now... but seriously. I REALLY don't like having a lot of unused stuff around, so thankfully we don't have a lot of junk around here.

this guy was picking up some tools while we were buying our packing supplies :)

We do have a lot of paper, though. M's got a ton of important papers we need to keep for a while, so that makes it feel like there's more stuff. Me? I angrily shred my important papers up and throw them away ASAP (at least that was I did during wild days). Not saying it's the best system or anything, I just take out any stored up frustration and anger on old legal documents, bills, etc. I tear them up to pieces and throw them out with a final "Good Riddance!"(please don't follow suit, I enjoy living dangerously).

Yesterday afternoon we started packing up knick knacks and things on our shelves (and when I say "we" I mostly mean M did the packing). Although, I did start packing up my vintage Pyrex dish collection. I thought they might only take up one box, maybe two... Har har! My collection took up three whole boxes. By the time I was done, I had resigned from packing duty. Actually, it was time to make dinner by the time I was finished, but I do wish resignation from packing was a viable option.

M started off doing most of the packing because I had been having a really awful stomach ache. It started as soon as I finished eating my lunch earlier that day. I realized that I had had the same ache the night before and a couple days before that after eating a slice of very cheesy pizza. After thinking about what each of those meals had in common--that I could possibly eliminate from my diet, so that the pain wouldn't come back--I came to the horrific conclusion: DAIRY PRODUCTS, AKA: CHEESE, AKA: ALL THE FOODS I LOVE.


But seriously, dairy??? Noooooo!! I love cheese, and I've never had an imitation cheese that didn't taste like (and look like) plastic! Now, I have no idea if I'm actually lactose intolerant or maybe just going through some weird stomach bug (no, i'm not prego), but I decided to eliminate dairy from my diet for the next few days to see if the stomach ache stays away. ::sniff::sniff::

I'll just be sobbing in a corner... gnawing on some soy cheese, if anyone needs me...

I'll let you guys know how it all goes. In the meantime, does anyone have any really great dairy-free products that actually taste good?? I'd welcome any suggestions!

Thanks for stopping by!

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