Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On Moving and Dreaming

i love this picture of molly, our cat.

those are wild parrots, right outside our apartment.

I know, it's a little difficult to see the little guys, but my entire upper body was hanging out our apartment window to get this shot. They were pretty far away. :( Thankfully, Michael took off the screen from our window so that I didn't have it in my shot. On a side note: why is it whenever I'm hanging out of a window with a valuable piece of equipment in my hands, my arms turn to jello. It's like, suddenly the camera is a thousand pounds and I no longer have any muscle strength. 

Even though I'm excited to move, the wide variety of birds we see at our apartment, is something I will definitely miss. I mean, wild parrots? I never expected that when we moved here. I also never expected to hear owls at night! Every night we hear some sort of owl screech right by our apartment building. I've never actually seen one, but it never fails to scream out when we're lying in bed. In the winter instead of screeching we hear it hooting. :)

It was such an unexpected treat to hear owls outside our windows, when we first moved in. I remember the first night I heard the owl screech, I FREAKED out. I ran and woke Michael up to tell him I thought I heard someone screaming outside. Even though I'd heard owls before, the last thing I expected was to hear an owl in our part of LA! I'll definitely miss that when we move closer to the beach (in case you haven't heard, I'm not the beach's biggest fan). 

watching michael fish.

But, it'll be an adventure, and I'm all for adventure. I have loved moving since I was a kid. Every time my parents discussed a possible move I was always all for it. That may have to do with the fact that I never really had close friends growing up (my brother did, which is why he was always against moving). In fact, right before I met Michael I was planning on saving my money to just get up and move out of California. I wasn't sure where I'd go, but I just wanted to move on. 

Now, that I'm married and supposedly "settled", ALL I want to do is travel. I know moving around is hard. I don't have any delusions about it being easy and romantic all the time, but I love the adventure. And when I have my best friend around 24/7, I'm eager to experience new places and things with him. It doesn't matter where our physical "home" is, as long as he's there, that's my home. It's like that song, "home is wherever I'm with you."

Heck, if I could I would live in a cute little trailer. I'd fix it up so that it was cozy and comfortable. Then we'd drive it across the country, stopping wherever we wanted. We'd meet new and interesting people, see beautiful things, eat amazing food, see God's amazing work, and push through the hard times together. One day that'll happen. Even if it's when we're a little wrinkly and we have kids with kids of their own. :)

What are your dreams??

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