Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekends and How I Sorta Like the Beach

This weekend was a lot of fun. Michael was out of town last weekend at a men's retreat, so we decided to spend time having fun together. We spend most weeknights at home watching our favorite TV shows and eating home cooked meals. So on Michael's days off, we make it a point to get out and go somewhere.

On Saturday we spent time cleaning up our bedroom, getting rid of things that  we don't need anymore. I'm a total believer in not keeping things around that aren't being used, you don't love, or don't have sentimental value. I just can't stand clutter!

Clutter literally keeps me up at night. If I go to bed aware of a drawer or shelf that has a bunch of unused items sitting in/on it, I'll obsess over it! I've been like that since I was a kid. I remember my parents putting me to bed, and being aware of an area of my room that was messy. I would quietly sneak out of bed, turn the lights on and start cleaning up my room. It wasn't until I was done that I could finally fall asleep! I'm weird, I know. :P

After cleaning up our bedroom and dropping a carload of stuff off at the Salvation Army, we went to hang out with my mom. She had been painting her living room the whole morning and wanted us to come over and have a look. She had originally picked out a grayish shade of blue for the walls, but when she went to buy the paint, the salesman convinced her it would make her living room look too dark. He offered her a brighter shade of blue. When she got home and painted the first wall, she was shocked. It was almost like an electric blue! Here's a picture of me, pretending to be at the beach in front of the painted wall:

i also clipped some succulents from my mom's garden and brought some home. so cute, huh??

It's just so bright for a living room!

Afterward, Michael and I went on a date to get some dessert at a cafe. I had a little cinnamon roll and a latte. Michael had a piece of cheese cake the size of his head and a latte.

He cracks me up so much. He claims to not love chocolate very much, but if you go out to a bakery or anywhere that serves dessert, he goes wild for anything super chocolatey. It's so funny to see his eyes get huge when he spots a double chocolate lava cupcake or something. I don't' even like chocolate very much, but that guy LOOOVEES it!

michael couldn't believe the size of the cake, either!

I love going on dates with him. We laugh just about the whole time. He'll make funny faces and I'll just laugh and tell him he's embarrassing me, and he just gets louder and crazier. I know that once we start having kids date nights will be a rare treat, so I really try to soak up the time we have now. It's so important that we connect and have a chance to remember why we fell in love, all over again.

Sunday we spent the day at the beach. Unfortunately, it was no picnic. We were invited to go surf fishing with an old friend of Michael's that he's known since high school. I was all for meeting one of his old friends and spending time in the sun, but when we got down to the beach it was MISERABLE.

I've never been the type of person who dreams of living in a house right the beach (I guess I'm not your stereotypical California girl). I'm the type of person who dreams of living on a farm in the mountains. But, I'm really trying to like it since we might be moving closer to the beach to be closer to Michael's job. Most days, the beach is great! I love sitting in the sand when it's a hot sunny day, and dipping my feet in the water, and watching all the little crabs and starfish in the tide pools. What I DON'T like about the beach, are those days when the wind doesn't STOP blowing! Grrrr!! I can't stand it!

Sand getting in my eyes, hair, ears, mouth... Blech! Not to mention, whenever there's a breeze anywhere near my ears, they start to hurt so much! Someone recently told me it has to do with the liquid in our ears. Whatever it is, my ears start hurting so much when I'm chilly or there's a chilly breeze. So sitting on the beach while a cold wind was blowing nonstop, was definitely not my cup of tea. I ended up only fishing for about 10 mins, before I decided to lay in the sand and tan my legs while everyone else fished.

I look like I'm having a blast, don't I?

In the end, spending time with Michael's friends was worth it, and I'm glad we got to go. Hope you all had a great weekend! What did you do?


  1. HAHAHAHAHA. This post is so amazing. We went to the beach yesterday too!!! And it was *awful*. I tried to eat an apple while I was laying on my towel and ended up just eating sand, hahaha. But the weird thing is, I actually got really, really, really sunburned??

    1. Yikes!! I know, the beach sucked all around yesterday. Boo to sandy apples and achey ears. :(


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