Friday, May 18, 2012

Let's Be Real

It's about to get real up in here (I don't think I've actually ever said that phrase out loud in real life)...

this is my "let's be real" face. :P photo by the Mr.

Since I started this blog I've been thinking and debating what I should "make it about". I mean, what do I want to write about? My cooking? My photography? Newlywed life? Government spending? (Ok, so that last one is something I'd NEVER like to write about.)

I mean, I love photography. It's my passion and my main "job" right now. My main focus (besides God and my marriage, duh! ;) ) is growing my photography business. I don't have regular clients at the moment, so right now it's me trying to learn more and more every day and just getting work so that I can grow my talents and my business.

But I also have a passion for cooking, and learning how to be a wife, and loving God in a real and honest way. Those things are all part of my life and who I am. Not to mention all the struggles and daily joys that just come from living life!

So, that's it.

That's what my blog will be about. ME. Rhiannon. Yes, that sounds a little narcissistic, but isn't anyone who writes about themselves just a teeny narcissistic? It's cool, though. We're all in this together. Not to mention, I find it very encouraging and comforting when I read blogs by other women, young wives, Christians, anyone who has suffered and triumphed, really. I'm a big believer in sharing our stories, and speaking the truth, out of love. THAT'S what I want to do here. And I hope I can encourage and give hope to others in the process.

So, I hope you stick around. I've got some good stuff coming up and I would hate for you to miss it!

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