Thursday, April 12, 2012

Surprise Dates, Flowers and an Easter Without Pictures

a few photos I took recently, and really enjoyed

The first two photos are from a really fun date Michael recently surprised me with. We had a lot of fun and I'm pretty sure we ate our weight in food that night. After dinner, all we could do was lie down and weight for our food to digest. Hahaha

Sighhh... I think my new favorite flowers are ranunculus. Who am I kidding? I can't chose. I have so many favorites! I just think flowers are so beautiful and they make me so happy. I especially love looking at them and just marveling at what a great artist our God is, and what the beauty he creates in nature, tells us about his personality. 

Trader Joe's has been stalking up on some really pretty spring buds (that's where I picked up those beauties), and every time I go in I must look like a goof just standing in front of the display, staring at all the different flowers. I think I stand there for about 5 mins (or more!) just staring at them and trying to choose which ones to bring home.

moonset on easter morning

sunrise on easter morning

I hope everyone had a peaceful and relaxing Easter weekend! Michael and I definitely had a nice weekend spending time with family and relaxing a bit, too. 

We made it down to the beach to watch the sun come up. It was so gorgeous. A pod of dolphins came so close to shore while we were watching the moon slowly disappear. It was amazing! 

It's a little embarrassing to admit though, that as we were driving to the beach to watch the sunrise, I was not a very happy camper. The night before, I had set out my DSLR, all ready to go with the lens I planned on using the next morning. Right before we get to the beach I realize that even though I had my camera and my lenses, I didn't have my memory card. 


I was so bummed out (at least I had my phone)! I knew the sunrise would be amazing and beautiful and I had been looking forward to getting some fantastic pictures that morning. But I had to remind myself what we were celebrating and what that day meant. Maybe that's what I was supposed to be focused on; not capturing my next image, but on what Jesus' death and resurrection means to me and for me. 

It was an amazing morning anyway, and it was nice just watching the beach fill up with other people. I watched another man get to the beach pretty early, dressed like he may have been a construction worker (neon vest and everything), collecting shells right by the water. Who knows if he was just getting off work? Or maybe he was about to go in? When I see people that intrigue me I always wonder and want to know their stories. Maybe I'm just nosy! hah!

I think I have another session coming up fairly soon. Senior class pictures this time, which should be pretty nice. So check back soon! I'll be updating the site over the next week or so, and I'll also be posting some of my recipes for some of the meals I've made and photographed.


  1. yay! i want your recipes - all your food looks so yummy! i am so inspired that you as such a new wife have been experimenting so much with cooking :) and that shot of the macaroons is AMAZING. i don't think i like macaroons but i want to go buy some (and some ranunculus) just because of those shots!! :) you're beautiful and so is the way you capture the world!

    1. Aww Thanks so much, Jamie! Your comment is so sweet. Hope you and your family (especially your little bun in the oven!) are doing well!

      Love, Rhiannon


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